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Basic Information

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  • Posted: Jun 21, 2016
  • Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016
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  • Category: Shooting Sports » Rifle Sports
  • Tags: #rifle #shooting sports #50bmg
  • Location: Monroe, UT 84754, United States  - Get Directions
  • Description: FCSA sanctions approximately fifteen to twenty organized 1000 yard rifle matches per year in various locations in the continental United States.

    FCSA has a sister organization, the Fifty Caliber Institute (FCI), whose role is education, media representation and political advocacy on behalf of .50 c...  more

Profile Information

  • Website:
  • Membership: over 2000 members. Membership in FCSA extends to twelve countries
  • Founded: November 30, 1984
  • Founded by:: The Fifty ­Caliber Sh­ooters Ass­n., Inc. (­FCSA™) was­ establish­ed in 1985­ by a smal­l group of­ dedicated­ individua­ls who set­ for thems­elves the ­mission to­ advance t­he sportin­g use of t­he .50 BMG­ Cartridge­. FCSA is­ a non-pro­fit organi­zation reg­istered in­ Tennessee­ and Utah.­
  • Address: FCSA
    P.O. Box 1­11
    Monroe, UT­ 84754-011­1
    Ph: (435) ­527-9245

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