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4 Habits of Successful Students

  • Success in school is not as a result of studying harder but smarter. No one loves spending five hours a day buried in books. Everyone wants to have time for fun and leisure. You can only have time for leisure if you discover proven study methods and put them to practical use. Effective students get good grades without struggling.

    In fact, most of them are not as smart or intelligent as you. There is nothing as frustrating as having someone who is dumber than you performing better than you. The secret is in the habits and strategies. Becoming a successful student is easy if you follow the tips discussed below.

    1. They have study sessions regularly

    Successful students have study sessions at least thrice every week. They have created a timetable and they follow it to the letter. A student who studies when he or she feels like it rarely excels in his or her studies.

    Create a study routine to avoid getting confused along the way. Also, have goals for your study sessions. A smart goal could be reading five pages of a book and reviewing it or completing a portion of your assignment. Setting clear goals for your study session will help you keep track of your progress.

    2. They have study partners

    There is nothing more fulfilling than having a study partner. As the popular saying goes, two heads are better than one. Students who have study partners are not likely to procrastinate because they know someone is watching over them.

    Again, their study sessions are fun and exciting because they can brainstorm ideas and share resources and materials. A research conducted by showed that studying with a study partner improves the quality of students’ assignments because they can go through each other’s work and give an honest feedback. You can also teach what you’ve learnt from your study session thus demonstrating that you’ve understood and grasped what you’ve learnt.

    3. They review their work

    Successful students review what they’ve learnt at least thrice a week. They take notes during their study sessions and go through them before calling it a day. They also quiz themselves to understand the concepts clearly and improve their memory.

    It’s easy to assume that you’ve understood what you’ve learnt by reading again your notes. To ensure you’ve understood what you learnt, try answering questions related to the subject without going through your notes. This exercise will help you a lot.

    4. They eliminate distractions

    Effective students know that distraction kills productivity. Therefore, they do everything they canto avoid getting distracted. They switch off their phones or keep them in a different room. They turn off the TV. If they’re using a computer to study, they turn off the notifications. If they are studying at home, they inform their loved ones about their plans early enough to avoid being interrupted. It’s important for you to look for a conducive place where you’ll be studying. Chatting with friends and refreshing your social media account during your study session is not good for your grades.


    The keys discussed above will help you become an effective student. Do not ignore them for because they are simple. Truth is always simple. Practice them consistently and you’ll achieve your goals.
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  • Self-discipline - Prosperous students are capable to stay concentrated, to continue to work when they don't appear like it,Certificate II in Salon Assistant and to attach to a self-imposed schedule.