Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) Every 2nd

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  • Description: The purpose of the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) is to: Support and protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens protected by the Bill of Rights under the United States Constitution.Preserve and protect hunter's right to possess and use firearms for sporting purposes, to educate the public to promote conservation and safe sport hunting as a wildlife management tool. Assist the Civilian Marksmanship Program and its Director with the Promotion of Rifle Practice Firearm Safety, and the State of Illinois and its Department of Natural Resources, by the promotion of marksmanship practice both as a sport and a fundamental aspect of national defense, and the education of citizens in all aspects of firearm safety and marksmanship training. Promote the highest degree of sportsmanship and good fellowship, and to prevent the occurrence or tolerance of unsportsmanship conduct. Promote and assist in the planning, construction, and preservation of civilian shooting ranges. Educate the citizens on all matters affecting the lawful use and possession of firearms, firearm safety, self-defense, competitive shooting and sport hunting. Support and promote the purposes, goals and objectives of the National Rifle Association of America and USA Shooting.
  • Location: Chatsworth, IL 60921, United States

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  • Founded: November 30, 1916
  • Founded by:: 2003 marked the 100th anniversary of the Illinois State Rifle Association
  • Address: Illinois State Rifle Assn
    PO Box 637
    Chatsworth, IL 60921
    (815) 635-3198