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  • Description: The mission of Outdoor Writers Association of America® is to improve the professional skills of our members, set the highest ethical and communications standards, encourage public enjoyment and conservation of natural resources, and be mentors for the next generation of professional outdoor communicators. What we’re about: dacia-meneguzzo-photography-workshop-by-katy-spence_28284700763_o Photo by OWAA Intern Katy Spence OWAA is a nonprofit, international organization that represents a diverse group of professional communicators dedicated to sharing the outdoor experience. Members of OWAA are experienced outdoor people,
  • Location: Missoula, MT, USA

Profile Information

  • Website: http://owaa.org
  • Membership: nearly 800 members strong
  • Founded: April 9, 1927
  • Founded by:: Jack Miner, Zane Grey, Morris Ackermann and approximately forty others, during an Izaak Walton League conference in Chicago, Ill., on April 9, 1927
  • Address: Office Address:
    615 Oak St., Ste. 201
    Missoula, MT 59801

    Phone: 406-728-7434
    Fax: 406-728-7445
    Email: info@owaa.org