American Women who Bear Arms (AWwBA) Every 2nd

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  • Posted On: Sep 06, 2016
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  • Description: What American Women who Bear Arms IS: AWwBA is dedicated to highlighting women who proudly support the second amendment and want to show their communities and the world that it is a right they exercise and are proud to show it. Women featured can be hunters, target shooters, competitive shooters, police officers, soldiers, concealed carry citizens or just women who believe strongly in the rights given to all Americans under the second amendment. AWwBA is also dedicated to sharing national stories of women who write about firearms, teach firearms safety, sell firearms and much more. AWwBA is not just for women. Much of the information we will disseminate will be valuable for anyone. However, this WILL be a place that caters more toward female interests in the shooting world and, as stated above, will be a vehicle to recognize and promote women and their contributions. AWwBA will try and give you ways to obtain unique items and deals in all things shooting. From designer guns to a wide array of targets to ammunition. While we do not (currently) offer any of the aforementioned things for sale on our site, we will promote sites and retailers who do. AWwBA does accept advertising but will not charge for the promotion if we solicit a business to do a story on. AWwBA cares about what users, male and female, think and encourage anyone with questions or comments to not hesitate to email us at

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